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Booster units are used to condition fuels in order to make them usable for combustion engines with regard to purity, pressure and viscosity. These systems are operated under the toughest conditions. The components used must withstand dirt, heat and pressure pulsations. Here, the gear type flow meter VC BOOSTER guarantees the highest precision under the most severe conditions.

> Space-optimised construction
> Remote electronics for safe evaluation outside the hot machine areas
> Suitable for all common fuels


Measuring range
1.0 … 160 l/min
0.26 … 42 gal/min
Temperature range
-40 … 150 °C / -40 … 302 °F
Maximum pressure
240 bar / 3 481 psi

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The valve position indicator VOLUMEC is an interlinking unit with the connection hole pattern for directly controlled NG 06 directional control valves. In detail, the module comprises a valve block, volume counter and display unit. Mounted on a connection plate and completed with a directional control valve, the VOLUMEC is used to control hydraulically operated ship valves for ballast, cargo or stripping systems, to measure and display the adjustment travel of the valve.
The control module is designed for installation in deck boxes. The display of the volumetrically detected valve position can be read visually directly on site or electrically via potentiometer or limit switches.


Max. flow rate
4.0 … 150 l/min
1.06 … 39.6 gal/min
Maximum pressure
300 bar / 4 351 psi
Leakage detection: Yes
Calibration to actuator size: By gear reduction
Display: Mechanical

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In addition to the mechanical version, we also offer an electronic solution, the VOLUTRONIC® valve position measuring instrument. The electronic solution supplies 2 incremental signals with 90 ° phase offset and enables the control system to recognise the flow direction. The VOLUTRONIC® valve position measuring instrument can be used for a wide range of actuator sizes and travel speeds.


Max. flow rate
0.25 … 10 l/min
0.07 … 2.6 gal/min
Maximum pressure
160 bar / 2 321 psi
Leakage detection: Via downstream electronics
Calibration to actuator size: Via downstream electronics
Display: Via downstream electronics

Data sheets


Type key transcription tool

From January 1, 2021 new type keys will be introduced for our gear type flow meters VC, VCA, VCG as well as for our screw type flow meters SVC.

The “Type Key Transcription Tool” was developed to enable the old and new designation to be displayed. Alternative information is made available by entering the part number and the old or new type designation.

Please enter the type key or the part number without spaces.

Example of previous type key: VCA0.04FFR1/140
Example part number: P.0251820001