Transfer pumps

Our gear pumps are external gear pumps and are used as transfer pumps in the chemical and plastics industries, in marine applications, general fluid transfer, in lubricating oil technology, in fuels and within renewable energies. The pump housings are made of cast iron, spheroidal cast iron and stainless steel, the gear parts are made from high-quality steel. A wide range of sealing variants is available for the most diverse requirements.

Gear pumps KF

Gear pumps KF are used to pump a wide range of liquids. The pumps impress in particular with their wide range of variants, which can be combined as required and also extended at a later date thanks to their modular design. The pumps are also great for media with low lubricating properties.

0.5 … 3 150 cm³/rev
Temperature range
-40 … 200 °C / -40 … 392 °F
Maximum pressure
25 bar / 363 psi


Gear pumps BT

BT and BTH series pumps are low speed gear pumps for pumping a wide range of medium to high viscosity liquids, provided they ensure a certain minimum lubrication, do not contain solid particles and are chemically compatible.

6.9 … 1 056 cm³/rev
Temperature range
-10 … 220 °C / 14 … 428 °F
Maximum pressure
8 bar / 116 psi