CPP.READER – the intelligent barrel differentiation

Time and again, the correct positioning of the two components or the two barrels leads to mix-ups, and consequential costs can be extremely high. For example, due to cleaning the system or production downtime. The patented CPP.reader prevents this. The CPP.reader ensures smooth process reliability. If an incorrect barrel is in the infeed, the process is stopped. The delivery containers are labelled on the outside with the letters A and B by the material manufacturers.

The CPP.reader recognizes these letters. If the barrel matches the location, the process is started; if it does not match, the process is stopped and
an alarm is issued. The CPP.reader comprises two compact camera modules with integrated processor technology. With the CPP.reader, QR codes attached to the tape can also be read out and passed on. This means that batch numbers, production data, shelf life etc. can be traced.